Rebecca Watson attempts to smear Justin Vacula

Skeptic Ink Network blogger Justin Vacula is going to the Women in Secularism 2 conference! For some reason (and I’d love to know why) many people are not happy about this, and there is currently a smear campaign against him coming from PZ Myers and Ophelia Benson. Recently, Rebecca Watson has joined in with this tweet:

Just look at the text of Rebecca’s tweet, then compare it to what the picture is of.

Justin Vacula jokes about violence against women in response to women’s concerns about him harassing them at event

How, in the name of skepticism, does the picture (which I’m going to show below) suggest that Justin Vacula is joking about violence against women? All Justin does is point out that the image has made it onto Ophelia Benson’s blog, and that this is part of Ophelia’s “monitoring” of him. There is no joking from Justin at all!

I hope that people will look at the evidence and see that it does not imply that Justin Vacula thinks that violence against women is funny. Rebecca Watson and others who try to smear Justin just look very, very desperate and their petty minded groupthink has to stop!

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15 thoughts on “Rebecca Watson attempts to smear Justin Vacula

  1. d4m10n

    They’ve entered full smear mode now. Justin, please be very careful not to say anything that can be easily twisted to their advantage. This might help —

    Also, a quick shout out to Carl Silverman: Thanks for showing us what “misogyny” really looks like. The term is bandied about with such abandon these days, it’s nice to have a solid example.

  2. d4m10n

    The keyboard warriors for great social justice have gone into full spin and smear mode, and some damnable fool is handing them ammo. Lovely.

  3. Brittany

    EXCEPT he wrote “When attacked…hehe” and shows a woman. Therefore one can assume that he means when attacked by a woman at the conference, here’s how he plans to defend himself. Violence of any sort is abominable. Violence against women is a real problem in our society and jokes like these only mock domestic violence and promote rape culture. It’s important that we call people out on things like this, even if we know they’re jokey. Otherwise we will continue the cycle of violence in society.

    1. Rev. Achron Timeless (@AchronTimeless)

      You can’t properly read the name of the person who made the post he commented on. You have just publicly forfeited the right to have an opinion on this.

      Clearly if you can’t tell the difference between original posts and commenters, the actual content would simply be beyond your cognitive abilities.

      Also, this isn’t my blog, I’m just commenting on it. Wanted to make that clear for you.

    2. Evangeline Claire

      1) Justin Vacula didn’t write that 2) I don’t know what the comment was about, exactly, but disabling an attacker sounds fine to me. If it was about disabling a man, you wouldn’t care. 3) this does not contribute to violence at all, and it has nothing to do with rape. 4) Violence against EVERYONE is a real problem in our society. There’s plenty of man on man violence and woman on man violence. There’s no system of violence being targeted against women, except the assholes who wont’ drop the ideas of “control” and male supremacy in relationships, but this isn’t most men. In fact, there’s a problem with woman on man violence not being taken as seriously, which is part of why many men don’t bother reporting. There’s less incentive not to do things to your partner when you have that on your side – hell, plenty could get away with doing it in public. Sexism in violence issues is a real and unacceptable issue.

  4. Man With A Clunge For A Face

    “No, Justin didn’t write “When attacked…hehe”, it was this Carl Silverman guy.”


  5. TheSaint'sRevenge

    From Carl Silverman, “Oh, the picture of the guy defending himself from the girl that was posted to Justin Vacula’s wall? Women are taught to defend themeselves against men who are attackers, so men should also be taught to defend themselves against women who are also attackers. It’s about equality.”

    Me: Bwahahahahahahahahaaa!

  6. Another derpy

    I really wish the whole A+ crowd would carpool to their next outing and just drive off a cliff. These selfish pricks and cunts are going to set back American atheism and skepticism a hundred years. I’m waiting for Edgar Cayce to make a comeback any moment now. Orgone therapy, anyone?


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