Sara Mayhew stands up to Rebecca Watson

Sara Mayhew is a rare and wonderful person. She is a skeptic speaker, award-winning Manga artist, TED fellow, writer and illustrator. She also happens to be a woman!

One of the many things I admire about her is that she is one of the few high-profile skeptic speakers who are prepared to speak out against the bullying orchestrated by Rebecca Watson and co. As a result of this, she herself has been bullied and insulted by “Surly” Amy Davis Roth and Melody Hensley. The two ladies in question deleted their insulting tweets without a word to Sarah, clearly too proud of themselves to raise their maturities to a level of recognizing their wrongdoing and apologizing for it!








Now, Sara is having to put up with crap from the drama instigator-in-chief, one Rebecca Watson. From what I gather there is some history between the two, and I’m assuming that Rebecca is fine with the insulting tweets directed at Sara by Amy and Melody (she hasn’t said otherwise). The latest conflict involves Melody’s use of the term “ragging on” and whether it is sexist or not. However, the etymology of the phrase “to rag on” is not something I want to dwell on here, I want to concentrate on Rebecca’s treatment of Sara:

Here, you have Rebecca twice calling Sara dumb, for a simple disagreement over the etymology of a phrase. Is that what we want to see from a “leader”?

Meanwhile, Melody still thinks that being at-ed on Twitter is “harassment”:

What we see here are a few traits that show how immature Rebecca Watson and her cohorts are:

  1. Insult at the first opportunity
  2. Never admit to wrongdoing
  3. Never apologize for wrongdoing
  4. Claim all criticism is “harassment”

I think Sara is very brave to speak out against it and stand up to it. If only more people were like her! :)



3 thoughts on “Sara Mayhew stands up to Rebecca Watson

    1. RaspK

      How true; since what Sarah said is only peripherally related to the whole matter, one should not miss that tiny teeny little fact of Watson’s intro being a cascade of jabs…

      What I learned at some point is that, if your entire counter to somebody’s position can really be summed up with: “[CENSORED]” — then it is plainly worthless.


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